How Do Entrepreneurs Use Canva?

How Do Entrepreneurs Use Canva?

How We Use Canva as Creative Entrepreneurs

Canva is our holy grail for all things pertaining to creating graphics and marketing material, especially on the fly. Its user-friendly interface and perfect balance of tools makes it our absolute favorite app for graphic design. Anyone can use Canva, no matter if you’re a beginner or expert. Heck, we both have backgrounds in graphic design and still prefer to use it even though we can and have used Adobe software.

We preach about it so much to creative entrepreneurs, and they quickly find it a staple in their tool list. However, you may still be confused on what you can actually create, so in this blog post, we’re going to cover how we use Canva as creative entrepreneurs!

Social Media Graphics

Think of literally every graphic you would ever need to make for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube (YouTube counts as social media, right?). Yep, that’s one way— or technically, like, a million ways— we use Canva. We’re able to create:

  • Facebook group covers

  • Facebook post graphics

  • Square Instagram graphics

  • Facebook and Instagram stories

  • Reels and IGTV covers

  • Instagram Highlights covers

  • Facebook ad graphics

  • Pinterest Pins

  • YouTube thumbnails

  • Custom Instagram story stickers

  • Facebook business page covers

  • Facebook event covers

Workbooks and PDFs

We create all of our workbook or worksheet style freebies with Canva, plus other PDF documents we use in our business, like our media kit, brand partnership info, and Shop download instructions. All of the workbooks we use in our courses, free challenges, etc. were all made in Canva. It’s way more simple than using Adobe InDesign, yet just as effective. If you’ve ever downloaded any type of PDF freebie from us, just know it was created in Canva.

The Creative Template Shop Templates

In case you have no idea what The Shop is, it’s our one-stop shop for all things templates for your marketing material. 90% of our templates are made for Canva, so of course we use it to create them! See what else you can use our templates for in The Shop.

Email Graphics

Although we use and love Flodesk which has a variety of layouts built in to add stunning graphics to your emails, it doesn’t always have exactly what we need. That’s where Canva comes in! We create email headers and graphics to add some pizazz to our emails.

Dubsado Form Graphics

What better way to maintain brand cohesion and recognition than by making sure your Dubsado forms are branded and beautiful? We use Canva to create graphics to display pretty headers and footers, pricing tables and comparison charts, and anything within forms that we want to add more custom design to.

Podcast Graphics

You can probably venture to guess by now that our podcast cover, logo, and promo graphics are all made in Canva. No surprise there, really.

Blog Graphics

We know we covered Pinterest Pins already, but we also use Canva to create our blog footer graphics that point to various freebies, our blog post thumbnails, plus our website sidebar graphics that point to other offers.


Presentations we use for workshops and other reasons are created right inside Canva. You’re able to add effects and animations just as you would in Keynote, and there’s also the presentation feature so you can present it straight from within Canva.

And there you have it! That concludes all of the ways we use Canva as creative entrepreneurs. There’s also the random quick graphic we might need to create for who-knows-what reason, but those of course didn’t make the list.

Hopefully this gives you some insight on how you could be using Canva right now in your business. Definitely try it out and if you want to upgrade to the Pro plan, you can get your first 30 days for free right here!

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